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Episode 160- Where In The World Is Robert?

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to hug Robert?? Have you been patiently waiting the last 2-1/2 months for us to release our calendar so you'll know exactly where he'll be?! Well wait no longer! We discuss all the events we plan to attend in 2019!*

*subject to change based on our whims and mechanical failures

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Episode 158- Super Lap Battle with Dusty Nixon

Adam and Dusty had the opportunity to attend Super Lap Battle at Circuit of the Americas last weekend. They share some of the super rad car builds they saw, and share an anecdote about how Ten Tenths Podcast helped one of the podium drivers put down one of his fastest times of the weekend!

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Episode 157- Adam "The Bae" Jabaay

Adam Jabaay is a world-renowned fashion brand ambassador, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He has spent decades cultivating his extravagant style, which has become synonymous with his personal brand. He joins us this week to discuss how a positive mental attitude will lead to more money, more fame, and a more fulfilling life.  

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Episode 156- How to Blow $30k

This week the guys discuss what cars they'd buy from the Scottsdale Barrett Jackson auction if they were given $30,000 with no strings attached. Michael and Adam's responses are nothing out of the ordinary, but Robbie's picks are surprising. 

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Episode 155- A Dark Cloud

Though Robbie has a huge garage update to share with the world, the recent polar vortex in the Midwest has had an obvious effect on the guys. They do their best to keep their spirits light by discussing the best engine swap in the world, the most disgusting part of your car, and additional musings about pedestrians. 

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Episode 152- Ten Tents Podcast

Before jumping into cars that are available for US import in 2019, we taste-test a "Hydrogen Infused" fancy-water. We also examine a brand-new and exciting camper (tent) release, available for purchase in Fall 2019.

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Episode 149- Kevin Lawrence

Kevin Lawrence is a Formula Drift competitor piloting the Enjuku Racing Nissan S14.3. Kevin joins us to discuss his rookie year as a full Pro driver, some of the more nuanced technical aspects of his car, and his aspirations for 2019. 

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Episode 147- Chicken Limo

The 2018 PRI experience was completely different than last year's! The guys had a killer meet and greet with our fans (with great food this time), there was some slight debauchery exploring Indianapolis nightlife, and Adam chooses an outfit for the fancy dinner party at SCCA National Convention.

Oh yeah, and we went to the tradeshow thing...

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Episode 144- Engine Swap Party

It's that unfortunate time of year where race season has come to a close and we must evaluate all the crap we've broken over the last several months. The guys make a list of what they plan to fix over the next few cold months

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Episode 143- This Or That

We take a rare form this week by looking at practical buying options and surprising values in the new car market place. #realjournalism

We also take a look at the most Googled car manufacturers by country

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Episode 141- Carnage

Michael recaps a successful but destructive day of drifting at O Drift Collective's last event of the season. The group dives even further into "Spec Lutz" by introducing a preliminary rule set

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