The Podcast

Episode 31- Slipangle/ Ten Tenths Party Podcast

We finally get to put together a show with our friends Adam Jabaay and Austin Cabot from the Slipangle podcast! The guys reminise (more) about Gridlife Midwest, talk about Michael's almost assuredly failed drifting venture next weekend and try to talk Austin into building a flat track Harley Davidson. 

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Episode 23- Allen Skillicorn of Skillicorn Racing @ Gridlife

We sit down for an interview with Allen Skillicorn of Skillicorn Racing. To our delight, Allen was able to identify us in the paddock of Gridlife Midwest 2016 and yelled out: "Hey! You're the guys from Ten Tenths! I listen to you!" Needless to say, we were incredibly flattered. After learning more about his cars and vast racing experiences we just had to invite him on for an interview!

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