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Episode 102- #Shredded

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With the new YouTube format in full swing, we take a stab at another Craigslist challege: $7500 tow pigs! Additionally, after bickering at length with one another, we discover that it's not just automotive journalists that talk complete nonsense at times, car company execs are guilty of it as well. 

Episode 100- The New Studio and 2018 Predictions

Returning from the holiday break, the guys run through a gamut of topics. They introduce their new studio, they discuss cars that aren't joining us in the new year, and make some automotive predictions for 2018.

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Episode 99- It's Biblical

Inspired from an article featured on Petrolicious, the boys discuss the things that the factory got right and wrong with each of their cars. Don't forget to post all the crap that the factory got wrong about your car on the Ten Tenths Podcast Facebook Group!

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Episode 98- PRI Recap With Tomas Read

The guys sit down with Tomas from TRMedium to discuss their recent trip to PRI in Indianapolis. Try as they might to stay on topic about what they saw at the show, the prevailing topics are Robbie's manflu and the many issues they had at their hotel.

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Episode 97- Zion Designs, Lifestyle Offroad, and 515 Racing

We have an exceptionally fun time with the guys from Zion Designs, Lifestyle Offroad and 515 Racing at Zion HQ in Des Moines, IA. We cover almost every topic under the sun, including starting a small automotive business, rad offroad Xterras, and 600hp snowmobiles. A big thank you to Joe Crowdes, Phil Bryant, and Luke Pankow for hosting us this week.

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Episode 95- Spencer Krohn

One of our most requested guests returns this week in Adam's absence. As many of you already know, Spencer is a good friend of ours that participates in the full-sized and mini-truck scene throughout the entire United States. He shares some of his wild experiences at Camp N Drag over the years, as well as his recent lust to build something that ISN'T truck related. Huge shocker, we know!

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Episode 94- "Dude Am I A Ricer??" Part II

Ricer Ron is back this week to help us determine if the modifications you submitted are "rice" or not. In this second iteration we take the opportunity to define what actually makes a modification ricer. With these new rules, you can play along at home and make fun of the dumb crap your friends do to their cars!

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Episode 92- Handsome Rob's Movie Review

We hand the reins of the podcast over to Robbie and he produces a TWO AND A HALF HOUR show!

Robbie has been a massive movie buff for years and has seen even some of the most obscure automotive movies produced. This week he shares some of his favorites and some of the most horrendous movies made for petrolheads.

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Episode 91- VCRs and Cassettes

Despite an uncharacteristically short show this week, the boys still engage in their signature style of ranting. They discuss Robbie's vinyl wrap project, the engine Michael has selected for the green Fiat, and how they feel about sharing the road with bicycles in Iowa.

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Episode 90- A Gasser On A Budget

The boys dredge the depths of Craigslist again this week to see what crap they can dig up. Robbie chooses the challenge this time and it's $10,000 "restorations". One of builds actually involves REMOVING a small block Chevy. Crazy, right?!

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Episode 89- Street Slider

After another two-week run of interviews, the guys have a lot of experiences to share. Michael heads to Import Face-Off in Topeka, where he experiences his first two step competition and learns he needs to start carrying safety glasses in his camera bag. The entire team has many calamities and failures just trying to get to O Drift Colletive's Street Slider II near Omaha, but it ends up being a great conclusion to the 2017 season. 

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Episode 88- Kevin Lawrence

Kevin Lawrence became the 2017 Formula Drift Pro 2 champion after overcoming a massive points deficit in the last event of the year, surprising many FD officials and delighting his fans. Kevin shares with us what it was like to win at Texas (and run away with the championship), his relationship with Enjuku Racing, and what it will take for him to be competitive against the seasoned Pro level drivers next year

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Episode 87- James Chartres from Kanga Motorsports Talks Motorsport Sponsorships

We finally do the episode we alluded to do in the Spring! James Chartres joins us for a third time to discuss his approach to bringing on sponsors and partners to Kanga Motorsports. James has had the opportunity to work with a wide aray of partners over the last couple of years, and was gracious enough to share some of his successes (and failures). For anyone interested in turning their passion for racing into a profession, this is a great place to start!

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Episode 85- Podcast War


It's a good thing we have Robbie to keep us on track. We cover SO MANY things in our show this week including how to run a podcast, what you should do if you live near Baltimore, a weird soda review, what you should have in your garage, and an exclusive offer available ONLY to our listeners!

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Episode 84- My Car Does What?

The boys throw down another two hour episode this week by covering a whole mess of topics. Adam recounts his visit to the 2017 SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln Nebraska, they give a rather scathing review of a website, and they sprinkle in a few project car updates for good measure.

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Episode 83- Obscure Motorsports

The boys are back to the topic format for this week's show. They run though several odd motorsports in addition to a few eccentric races not involving cars. They also discuss the many fun and exciting things happening on the Facebook group. Are you on it? You should be!! 

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