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Episode 118- Spring Fling


After dropping some absolutely MASSIVE news, the guys recap their experiences as media dudes at O Drift Collective's opening event of the year. 

For those that are interested in attending the event we discussed during this week's show, make sure to check out our Facebook page for official details!

Episode 114- Upvotes

In this week's episode, we discuss car events that we plan to attend or find interesting in 2018. We also discuss one of Robbie's biggest fears and Adam does something he promised us he'd never do.

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Episode 113- Heyward Wagner With The SCCA

Heyward Wagner is the Director of Marketing and Experiential Programs with the SCCA. He joins us this week to discuss changes being made to SCCA's time trial program and reminds us the importance of developing an inviting culture in automotive racing. 

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Episode 112- #Sabotage

Your favorite culinary podcast* is back this week with unbaised reviews on TWO different types of water. Additionally, we get punked by some nerds that run a podcast named after a slang term used by 80s surf bums.

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Episode 111- Adam Jabaay

Everyone's favorite Motorsport Director joins us for another episode to discuss crazy cars from New Zealand, superbike engine swaps, and why 1.8L is way more displacement than anyone really needs.

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Episode 110- Project Updates

With the increased activity on our YouTube channel, our project car updates have been few and far between on the podcast. This week we correct that by giving an update on what we've been working on over the last couple of months.

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Episode 108- Jordan Sharp from NEAD and Jason Sites from The Organization

We continue our tour of rad Des Moines based automotive business and find ourselves at New Edge Automotive and Detailing this week. Jordan Sharp is the owner of NEAD and with help from Jason Sites of The Organization, they build performance street cars, detail show cars and throw no-prep events in Central Iowa. We have time to dig into what makes no-prep racing special and, in the process, realize we are all horrible at math.

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Episode 105- We Fix Automotive Marketing

If you're a automotive marketing professional looking for answers to solve your woes, look no further. This week we dive into automotive marketing at ALL levels. We discuss failed marketing for new cars, current marketing trends and even marketing in our weekly news!

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Episode #104- Brock Yates Jr.

Another one of our automotive heros joins us today: Brock Yates Jr. Many of you know Brock as the leader of One Lap of America which is an annual road rally with a series of races at different tracks throughout the country. Brock shares many memories with us including how Cannonball eventually became OLOA and his experience with Roadkill during the 2017 rally.

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Episode 102- #Shredded

With the new YouTube format in full swing, we take a stab at another Craigslist challege: $7500 tow pigs! Additionally, after bickering at length with one another, we discover that it's not just automotive journalists that talk complete nonsense at times, car company execs are guilty of it as well. 

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Episode 100- The New Studio and 2018 Predictions

Returning from the holiday break, the guys run through a gamut of topics. They introduce their new studio, they discuss cars that aren't joining us in the new year, and make some automotive predictions for 2018.

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Episode 99- It's Biblical

Inspired from an article featured on Petrolicious, the boys discuss the things that the factory got right and wrong with each of their cars. Don't forget to post all the crap that the factory got wrong about your car on the Ten Tenths Podcast Facebook Group!

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