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Episode 189- Kids These Days


Now that the guys are all in their 30s, they can rant and rave all they want about how all these dang kids aren't into cars anymore! They also take a few minutes to explore the new Corvette (in street and racecar form), and discuss a potentially easy electric motor swap.

Episode 187- Time Trial Nationals

Robbie has returned from a whirlwind tour to Kentucky to compete in the SCCA's Time Trials Nationals. While he was there, in addition to racing, he gave a few hugs and made a few friends (no seriously, he was very social). 

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Episode 185- Wormholes

After a hiatus last week, the guys have a few updates to share including Robbie's triumphant return to Time Trials. Adam puts Facebook's algorithm to the test and we all try to find out who is listening in on our conversations. 

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Episode 183- James Does An AMA

James Chartres from Kanga Motorsports opens himself up to the abuse of an AMA, by answering listeners' questions from the Consortium. Questions include useful racing advice, and crap about conspiracy theories. 

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Episode 181- The Most Confusing Man in the World

The guys let the members of the Consortium run our Craigslist challenge this week, and it reinforces the theory that no one truly understands Robbie. 

If you haven't yet, don't forget to join the Facebook group: "Ten Tenths Podcast Consortium." No we haven't changed it back to "Group" yet, mostly because we're lazy. 

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Episode 174- Project Car Update

It has been quite a while since the guys did a full project car update, and they seem to be collecting more cars. The guys do a quick run-through on what they've completed on their cars in preparation for the SCCA Time Trails at Heartland Motorsports Park.

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Episode 173- Florida Man

To further prove that car design has reached new heights of laziness, Adam asks Michael and Robert guess car models based on photos alone. The dudes also discuss a recent car related Florida Man incident.

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Episode 170- Zr3surrection

We do our first podcast recording at the "Mobile Kanga Motorsports Studio" at Factor Fabrication. Boonie and the dudes from Zr3surrection discuss their challenges, and ultimate success, at assembling a brand-new, grassroots endurance car racing team. 

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