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Episode 174- Project Car Update

It has been quite a while since the guys did a full project car update, and they seem to be collecting more cars. The guys do a quick run-through on what they've completed on their cars in preparation for the SCCA Time Trails at Heartland Motorsports Park.

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Episode 173- Florida Man

To further prove that car design has reached new heights of laziness, Adam asks Michael and Robert guess car models based on photos alone. The dudes also discuss a recent car related Florida Man incident.

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Episode 170- Zr3surrection

We do our first podcast recording at the "Mobile Kanga Motorsports Studio" at Factor Fabrication. Boonie and the dudes from Zr3surrection discuss their challenges, and ultimate success, at assembling a brand-new, grassroots endurance car racing team. 

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Episode 169- Dion Von Moltke

Dion von Moltke is the founder of Racers360 and a decorated racing driver. He has won taken victories in the GT class at both the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring. He joins us this week to discuss how to hone your skills as a driver, and the challenges faced by a racing professional.  

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Episode 167- One Way Ticket

Michael and Robbie do their best to cobble together a show this week, despite being separated by several States. Michael talks about fulfilling a nearly life-long dream (and apparently a bucket list item), while Robbie kindly patronizes him.

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Episode 165- Would You Rather?

We open up the show for another car related "would you rather?" segment based on suggestions from Facebook group. We also explore the best way to order a pizza, the worst names for gas stations, and where you should buy your groceries. 

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Episode 164- SPECIAL EPISODE- The Real Ten Tents Podcast

As promised in our previous episode, we are releasing a second show this week, but with a twist. The SCCA's Johnathan Burchardt and India Munroe create a parody episode of our show, discussing why all tents should have running water, who makes the best fast food burger, and the best condiment for fries is not what you would expect.

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Episode 163- Johnathan Burchardt

Johnathan Burchardt is Events Production Manager for the SCCA. He shares an incredible story of his journey in 2017 on what he called the "Time Night Tour" - 5 tracks, in 5 days, over 5,000 miles. He is planning another adventure in 2019, attending all the events on the SCCA Time Trials National Tour in the StayPuft Marshmellow Van.

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Episode 162- I Told You So

We take a look at which generations of three popular American cars we like best. In typical TTP fashion, it is a disorganized cluster: Adam makes up his own generations for the Ford Mustang, Robbie romanticizes on becoming the dictator of The United States, and we all try to figure out the definition of YOLOSWAG.

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Episode 161- The Final Nail In The Coffin


It's that time of year where we look at all the fun stuff on Craigslist and Ebay that you should blow your tax return money on! Sure, you should probably replace your furnace like Adam, but you can't race a furnace. Also you have, like, 6 months of Summer before you have to worry about heat again...

Listener Daniel provides us with audio proof that Dadam said he'd never drive a minivan. Tune in to finally put this debate to bed!

Episode 160- Where In The World Is Robert?

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to hug Robert?? Have you been patiently waiting the last 2-1/2 months for us to release our calendar so you'll know exactly where he'll be?! Well wait no longer! We discuss all the events we plan to attend in 2019!*

*subject to change based on our whims and mechanical failures

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