Sponsors and Partners

Sponsors and partners

A list of the people and companies that sponsor and help us to grow. All of these are the type of people you want to check out!


Factor Fabrication

Boonie at Factor Fabrication is your one stop shop for getting anything made. Metal work, check. Woodwork, check. Hit them up to see what they can do for you! 


Our Friend Ian at from Bothhanddrive.com has some great content on his page. If you like random off the wall automotive musings that are humorous and entertaining then you need to check out his site!

Kanga Motorsports Spec Racer Ford Vinyl.JPG

Kanga Motorsports

James with Kanga Motorsports has supported us and all that we do since very early on. As a previous guest on the show you may already know him, but you still need to check out his site and all that he does!


MWExclusive is a Midwest based car lifestyle brand and show promoter bringing you the best featured cars the Midwest has to offer. Be sure to keep up with them to see all the biggest and best car shows out there!



Adam Jabaay and Austin Cabot have been not only inspirations, but supporters of all that we do. Be sure to check out their website for articles on all sorts of stuff from tech to track cars. Make sure to find their podcast, Slipangle, on iTunes if you haven't already.