Legos for Everyone!

I think that nearly any die hard pertrolhead out there had a love for LEGO when they were little kids. I have many fond memories of building racecars and space ships and robots of my own design for hours on end as a young kid. 

I recently discovered, while shopping for my soon to be born son, that Lego is not only still going strong, but they are killing the car model game. You can get so many interesting sets from them now: Porsche 918 Spyders, Ferrari LaFerraris, Mclaren P1s, C7 Corvettes, 5th gen Camaros, Ford Raptor, 69 Camaros, the list goes on and on. 

My fiance and I were walking through Toys'R'Us last night, and I stumbled across what would become my newest LEGO set purchase. We were really there to look for a few last toy related things we wanted for Logan, who is supposed to be born next week, and had no intention of buying much while we were there. The folks over at LEGO had a very different plan for me. Putting together two of my favorite Porsche racecars of all time, the 919 and the 917K, is like they peered into the recesses of my mind and built a set just for me. 

Obviously the instant I got home I was already tearing into the box to get to building. I had no time to let the dog out of his kennel or any of the other adult stuff I am supposed to do. The set was a whooping 732 pieces, so I had to prepare myself to have a few solid hours set aside to build the whole diorama. The kit is really quite impressively detailed, with a workshop area and pit lane. The workshop even has a working lift!

The opposite side is supposed to represent pit lane, complete with hanging air tools and a refueling line. The cars are quite intricately detailed, as well. The liveries are spot on and the wings and diffusers are all accounted for, even the front splitter. I just can't say enough about how cool this whole set is!

To make a long story short, everyone should run out and get some of these Speed Champion LEGO sets. This set goes along with the Audi R18 E-tron, Mclaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, and Ferrari LaFerrari that I already own. I think these are great little kits that car guys of all ages can enjoy. This is a great way to burn up a cold afternoon with your kids or by yourself. This bigger kit is a bit more expensive, but the individual cars are around the $20 mark, and I know we have all wasted more then that on much less.

Adam Nielsen