Saturday Morning CARtoons

This is something we are going to try out called Saturday Morning CARtoons. This is where we are going to share a car related video that we think is cool every week. It could be anything from racing videos, to car reviews, to documentaries. It may relate to what is happening in the automotive world, or in our podcast, or it could just be a random video we like that week. 

This week is Ken Block's first Gymkhana video. This was brought back into my mind by this week's release of Gymkhana 8. Of all his videos, I have always liked this one best. There is no huge budgets, no insane exotic locations, just a man and his car. It has a very grassroots feel that I just like more. It is almost like any of us could make this video if you had an overpowered car, lots of car control skill, and a few friends with GoPros. 

Let us know what you think of this video, or even the idea of Saturday Morning CARtoons, in the comments below or on any of our social media sites. Keep an eye on this Blog space, because we have a lot more coming for you guys. Enjoy!