Saturday Morning CARtoons

It is no secret that we have a huge soft spot for oddball cars here at Ten Tenths, and no car maker embodies that better then Abarth. Some of cars they created in the 50s ,60s, and 70s are right up there with the wildest factory creations of all time. Things like front seats that don't fold forward without hitting the ceiling and rear engine hoods that are welded open because it makes the car more aerodynamic were just a few of the crazy things they did. As it turns out, the story behind the man that started it all is just as interesting as the cars he made, and this video details some of the amazing stories. This is a pretty interesting video from what appears to be Abarth's own official YouTube channel. We will be digging though more of their videos, so don't be surprised to see stuff from them again. Enjoy!