4 Things You Can Do This Winter To Solve The Petrolhead Blues


The first frost of the winter on my truck a few days ago reminded me of one thing. Petrolhead misery is upon us. With winter time comes no racing, no car shows, no fun. So what can you do to shed the winter time blues? Here is a short list of what we do.

Indoor Karting

What a better why to put all the smack talking between friends to rest then good old fashioned karting? Our local track is a mere $20 for two 14 lap races on week nights. We usually get a group of 6-10 guys every other week. Nothing but good times and a great way to shake the winter blues.

Indoor RC Cars

As our friend Ian Wright has pointed out before, RC racing is a great and relatively inexpensive way to learn a lot about your big boy car. Turns out we have an indoor track right here in our home town that we had never seen or heard of. It even looks pretty cool, and they have classes and league nights to cater to any skill level. Something I think we will have to check out this winter!

Sim Racing

Sim racing is kind of a funny thing to us. Two of us love it and have built our own rigs as seen above, the third? Well Michael doesn’t really get. He says there is no feel, no clues to what is happening to the car, and I suppose he is right. However that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time playing these games. Modern sim racing games offer incredibly accurate physics, great tracks, and fun cars. There is still lots to learn about your driving in these games. Mastering racing line, learning what suspension adjustments do what, etc. This winter in anticipation of our planned Chump race next season we are going to try our hand at a 24 hour race on Gran Turismo. Should be interesting.


Better! Stronger! Faster! shnanananaa! Winter is a great time to fix all the crap you broke, or improve the weak points of you racecar to be ready for next season. All three of us have plans for this coming winter and our cars. Robbie is doing away with the troublesome sr20 and inserting the venerable LS in his 240SX. Michael just wants to get his V8 RX7 project running and driving. Adam hopes to just get a set of usable wheels and tires, and maybe a little bit of forced induction on the old Omni.