Michael Beck 


Michael's strong automotive addiction started at only 6 years old when he was given a go kart for his birthday. With his newly acquired petrol powered kart and channeling Collin McRae, he proceeded to completely destroy his parents' yard by doing powerslides for hours on end.

Many cars have come and gone since, but Michael has not outgrown being a yob. He has been a member of the SCCA for since 2010, participating in autocross and PDX events. Currently, he is building a 1986 RX7 to participate in track days and TSD rallies.

Current car list:

1974 Fiat 124

  • Cammed 1.8L Fiat twin cam engine
  • Dual Weber IDFs
  • Toyo R888s

1986 RX7 GTU - work in progress

  • 1995 Chevrolet LT1 engine resurrected from a police car w/ Trans Am aluminum heads
  • T56 transmission
  • Turbo II limited slip differential
  • Wheels that cost more than the car

1979 Camaro Z28

  • I've owned this car for over 13 years now!
  • Worn out old 350/350TH from a pick up
  • Three or four different shades of blue
  • Hopefully this car gets more love in 2016

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

  • Everyone needs a daily... and, yes, it's stock

Adam Nielsen

Adam's love for cars has been forced upon him since day one. He attended his first drag race at the ripe age of 2 weeks, and started racing at the age of 8. After drag racing he tried out the show car and stereo scene, followed by the Audi lifestyle, before coming back to racing. To his father's great disappointment he has drifted away from muscle cars and drag racing, and has picked up FWD 4 bangers and autocrossing. 

Adam has an unhealthy love for his cats Jake, a Russian Blue, and Koni aka Stance Cat, a munchkin. He is one bad break up away from being the crazy cat lady. 

Current car list:

1984 Dodge Omni GLH

  • Extremely low mileage and all original
  • Mildly built later model NA 2.2L
    • 120whp/135wtq
  • Full 9x13in slicks all the way around
  • Not Italian

2001 S10 Xtreme

  • Freshly rebuilt 2.2L 4 cyl.
  • DTS turbo system with a TD05
  • Extremely laggy with no torque

Robert Vierhout

Robert grew up with a love for all things motorsport. The focus was first aimed at motocross; which was fueled by his father getting him a Yamaha TTR125 and taking his brother and him to ride trails on nearly a weekly basis for years. He also had an immediate interest in metal working and custom fabrication when he first saw Motorcycle Mania on Discovery Channel around the time he was 13 years old. Still to this day he has a fascination with anything related to the dying art of blacksmithing.

His love of all things automotive started when he purchased the 240sx in 2007 with the intent of creating a show car. That focus changed to autocross in 2013 and he never looked back. In the future he would like purchase a track only car and get involved in SCCA club racing, as well as, other type of competitive racing. 

Robert’s friends continually like to remind him that he is not a doctor even though he went to college for seven years. He currently has an A.A.S. in Automotive Technology and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Current vehicles:

1995 Nissan 240sx

  • LS1 swap

    • 336 Whp/326 Wtq

  • T56 6-speed

  • Complete Megan track suspension setup

  • Molded B.Magic body kit.

  • Never enough carbon fiber